Winter Blues

I have been really struggling with the cold this winter. I am one of those people who never gets cold. Ever. For some reason, this winter, I am freeing! The week after the holidays is especially depressing. I took my tree down and now it is so gloomy. So what to do? Well, in my humble opinion, self pampering is the best cure to winter blues. I do not know of a better way to pamper myself then to take a bubble bath with as many self care products as possible. Bath salts, salt scrubs, bath bombs, and a really good body butter to use when I get out. So here is the thing, I love buying these things local, but I also love making them myself. The second best way to pamper myself when I am feeling down is to take on a hobby.

Serious self care equation:

Create a series of awesome bath products + take a bath with self-made products =a healthy me

I know this seems to contradict the purpose of this blog, but seriously, I want everyone to create and expand themselves. Maybe you will be the next person I interview?

Instructions for winter blues concoctions:

Body butter is so simple to make. It is simply whipping oils. You can literally add coconut oil to your kitchen aid and within minutes, it turns into a silky smooth butter. Add your favorite essential oil and voila! Body butter. I like to add a mix of oils and aloe vera. My skin is a little oily so I like to add something with water content. Lotion is a slightly different process and does contain water. However, due to lack of preservatives, homemade lotion has a shorter shelf life than body butter.

Salt scrubs are simply oils and salt. You can become really creative with these and they are lots of fun. Sugar scrubs are the same and are a blast to make. Bath bombs are a little more intense and I will link a tutorial at the end. You will need a bath bomb mold and some citric acid which can be found on amazon or Pat Catan’s.

Find out how to make bath bombs here.


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