Pittsburgh Made Cosmetics

I visited the shop Sunny Bridge in Peters Township recently and I discovered so many great local products. I purchased a multipurpose cleaner made in Pittsburgh by a company called Naturally Clean. It literally smelled like Christmas! (And I love Christmas scents). They had other innovative scents that I would also recommend checking out. Seriously, check them out. Yes, I know this is a cosmetics post and I am going on a tangent but trust me, it is worth mentioning as soon as possible.

Anyways, I also noticed some locally made cosmetics at Sunny Bridge and became inspired to find more Pittsburgh based (more) mass produced cosmetic companies. I feel like the focus of this blog is to stay as small and local as possible but growing business is a success for local folks of our city and that is worth celebrating and sharing, right?

Una Biologicals were the first cosmetics that caught my eye during my visit to Sunny Bridge. They have a simple, appealing design and a nice variety of items. Based in Lawrenceville, they also sell products to many locations throughout the city. Their products are also available in many boutiques across the nation as well. What I really love about their expansion is that they have kept their products in small local shops and boutiques. They truly are a green business to their core. Their products have an emphasis on organic, natural production and are made with less than 8 ingredients. My favorite products they sell are from the wellness collection. They make a natural vapor rub, poison ivy spray, muscle rub, and natural hand sanitizer.

Now Una Biologicals makes homemade deodorant but there is also a company started in Cranberry that was founded solely on deodorant. Stinkbug Naturals is a much larger and less locally focussed company that has become a huge success by selling natural deodorant. They are available in Whole Foods and even Giant Eagles. Another local company available at your supermarket is Simple Sugars. Simple Sugars is a company that was started to help with sensitive skin. Her products are made with few ingredients and have yet another focus on natural living.

See the trend? Shopping local is so green and is so much better for you. Check back soon and I will have that first interview I promised.